Uwe Zabels Keynotes

Welcome to a curated collection of my public keynote presentations where I’ve had the privilege of addressing diverse audiences on critical topics.

Each keynote is a meticulously crafted discourse, a reflection of my dedication to understanding and communicating complex subjects with clarity and impact. These presentations encapsulate the convergence of technology, innovation, and thought leadership that has defined my journey.

As you navigate through this site, you’ll delve into topics that traverse the forefront of industries, the transformative power of emerging technologies, and the strategic insights that can shape businesses and societies. These keynotes represent a commitment to continuous learning, sharing, and inspiring positive change.

Speaking at the Microsoft AI Roadshow: A Memorable Journey

In 2019, I had the incredible opportunity to take center stage as a keynote speaker at the Microsoft AI Roadshow. The experience was nothing short of exhilarating. It left an indelible mark on both my professional journey and my passion for technology. To share my insights and experiences with an audience of fellow enthusiasts and experts was an honor I couldn’t pass up.

When the moment finally arrived, and I stepped onto the stage, I was met with a sea of eager faces, all hungry for knowledge and inspiration. I shared my journey, insights, and experiences in the field of AI, emphasizing the collaborative and innovative nature of the community.

Being a part of the Microsoft AI Roadshow didn’t end with my keynote speech. It opened doors to new collaborations, friendships, and opportunities. The connections I made with fellow speakers and attendees were invaluable, leading to exciting projects and partnerships in the years that followed.

Speaking at the Microsoft AI Roadshow in 2019 in Munich and Cologne was a milestone in my AI journey. It allowed me to share my passion, knowledge, and vision with a wide audience, and it reaffirmed the limitless potential of AI in transforming our world.

Keynotes on Cloud Expo Europe 2022

Unleashing Financial Efficiency in the Cloud: My Keynote on FinOps

In 2022, I had the distinct honor of taking the stage jointly with my coworker Frank Keienburg at the renowned Cloud Expo Europe to deliver a keynote address on the critical topic of FinOps in the Cloud. The event was a pivotal moment in my career, where I had the opportunity to engage with a dynamic audience eager to grasp the nuances of financial optimization in cloud computing.

During the keynote, I emphasized the importance of FinOps—a practice that unifies financial and operational teams to control cloud costs and drive efficiency. In an era where organizations increasingly rely on the cloud, understanding how to manage and optimize cloud spending has become paramount.

We delved into strategies for effective cloud cost management, discussing techniques for budgeting, monitoring, and optimizing cloud resources. We shared real-world case studies and success stories, demonstrating how businesses could achieve significant savings while enhancing their agility and scalability.

Being a part of Cloud Expo Europe 2022 was a milestone that reaffirmed the vital role of FinOps in the cloud journey. It also underscored the incredible power of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the technology community.

As the cloud continues to shape the future of business, understanding how to optimize its financial aspects remains a crucial skill. Our keynote at Cloud Expo Europe was a memorable experience, and I look forward to continuing to champion FinOps practices that empower organizations to thrive in the cloud era.

Navigating the Regulatory Waters: MY Keynote on Mastering Multi-Cloud in Life Sciences

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud technology, the life sciences industry stands at the forefront of innovation. In my keynote at Cloud Expo Europe 2023, I have joint forces with Andreas Hentschel to shed light on the exciting journey of implementing multi-cloud strategies in this highly regulated and compliance-driven sector.

Over recent years, we’ve witnessed a seismic shift in life sciences towards cloud computing. This transition has unlocked new levels of efficiency and scalability in data management, enabling organizations to harness the full potential of their resources.

However, the road to multi-cloud adoption in this sector is not without its challenges. Regulatory requirements and compliance standards loom large, making each step in the cloud journey a calculated move.

During this engaging session, we have unveiled the advantages of a multi-cloud approach, from increased flexibility and improved redundancy to robust disaster recovery capabilities and reduced vendor lock-in. Moreover, we delved into the best practices for seamless data management across multiple cloud platforms and the critical considerations when selecting cloud providers.

We have emphasized the paramount importance of adhering to regulatory requirements unique to the life sciences industry—a non-negotiable aspect of cloud adoption in this sector.

Keynotes on Cloud Expo Europe 2023

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