If you want to give your Apple laptop an individual touch, you can have your own logo lasered into its back. The Dutch company Uncover offers a service that lets the heart of every individualist skip a beat. A laser is used to cut a desired design into the back of a MacBook display cover. There are hardly any limits to the imagination, even more complex wishes are fulfilled.

What is Uncover exactly doing?

The company’s customers include the CEOs of Tesla, Evernote, Flipboard, and Snapchat. But even famous DJs like Hardwell own a customized MacBook.

The highlight of the matter is that the integrated display lighting means that the motif on the back also shines in the familiar white light that we are used to from the normal Apple logo. The size of the motif does not matter. The company is even working on an app called “breathe” which is supposed to enable pulsing of the light. Who still wants to stick black stickers on his or her device?

The price of it, however, will quickly make you dizzy. All designs that fit into a circle or rectangle cost a whopping seven hundred euros. For more complex wishes that span the entire back, will be much higher. Not to mention that Apple products are not cheap anyway and reselling such a device might not be easy either. But the ones who uses this type of individualism won’t want to sell it anyway.

What happens to my warranty?

Uncover takes over Apple’s warranty with a limited 12-month warranty on the screen. Any screen damage that is caused by the Uncover and occurs in the 12 months after delivery will be covered by their warranty.

Can it be done with the new MacBooks

Yes! They are the only company in the world that is capable to bring back the backlight with all MacBook models! They did this for WordPress, TNW, Automattic, an Ethereum enthusiast and many more!

Convinced? Then visit the Uncover website right now and look at the pictures!

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